CASE STUDY: Moore College Data

  • Services Provided

    • WIX website development
    • Subscription/membership functionality
    • SEO
    • Blog and podcast 
    • Maintenance


    I was hired to design the Moore College Data website on WIX to give it a user-friendly design with easy-to-digest content and approachable graphics. The end users are parents, students and guidance counselors. The website needed to impart a volume of information without overwhelming the user. 

    The goals for the website included adding a subscription function, organizing a vast amount of information in a user-friendly design, and adding clear call-to-actions. The client chose to keep the website on the WIX platform due to ease of use. She wanted to able to make edits to the website by herself. 


    I worked closely with the client during the website development. With her input, I developed an approachable design and functionality that included a responsive design that worked on every size of device. The result is an eye-catching website that helps the client generate new business.

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